This is Chris; Charlie’s been in a bad mood and doesn’t feel like cracking codes, so he sent these three over to me from the Survivor Server.

Looks like military jargon; I’m sure Jarold could help us with it. Then again, I’ve got a reference manual somewhere here in the library, so these shouldn’t be too difficult.

It almost makes me wonder if some of them could be bugs?

I’ll get to cracking these right away.

Alien Ant Code #10



This is Charlie!

We still haven’t heard from Jarold. It’s imperative that we support Jarold, especially if you heard Victoria’s last message! I know I support Jarold, and Chris does too.

Anyway, I’ve picked up two different codes over the comms. They both look rare. Not sure what kind of code this is, I’ve never seen it before. I am a “boomer”, after all. We’ll send this over to Chris, he’s the techie, so we’ll see what he makes of it.

But maybe you can crack the codes first?

Here they are!