The Alien Ant Codes

This is Charlie. I’m putting out the alert to everyone out there listening.

DO NOT speak in plaintext over the communication channels!

The Ants will pick up on your signal, and you’ll be DEAD in a matter of minutes! Their antennae are naturally attuned to picking up on natural human language! English, Spanish, doesn’t matter! We have found that encryption is able to fool them, at least a little bit.

Like I told Chris, “Easily cracked codes = easily cracked heads.”

There are a variety of different methods to disguise our comms!;

The Aliens know almost all of them, but some of them are effective!

Morse code. Binary code. Ascii code. The Caesar code. The list goes on! You can even devise your own system. Do whatever it takes, but I repeat, DO NOT, do NOT communicate in plaintext!

This is Charlie,
former blockchain enthusiast

Signing off.



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